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Our Leather Types

Top Grain, Full grain, Calfskin, Hal... But what does it all mean Basil?

We use a few different leather types here at Herman Brooks depending on the bag design and the situations we think it'll be used. Here's a quick summary:

Full Grain Leather

Considered the cats meow, this type of leather is the highest quality because it is comes from the top layer of the hide. The grain is unaltered, hence the 'full', and so only those with the least amount of imperfections are used.

Our bags using Full grain leather arrive a little more raw than others but with a little time, develop a beautiful patina that only gets better with age.

Top Grain Leather

Very similar to full grain but given a little more refinement during preparation. Any imperfections are sanded out leaving a high-end, polished look ready for just the right amount of colour. We suggest black or brown.

Calfskin Leather

One of the more commonly used types of leather, it can come smooth or grained and has a shiny, buttery texture. Calfskin bags will show marks a little easier than other leather types but can easily be oiled or buffed out with regular maintenance. 

Corrected Grain Leather

We use corrected grain for wallets, card holders etc. Corrected grain (or split grain) is more rigid than others and as a result, we can add/remove or otherwise correct the leathers texture.

What We Won't Use!!

You will never see PU Leather (polyurethane), Pleather or Bonded Leather in it's many names in any of our products. We'd prefer to use particle board as it's made in much the same way, just pull together what's left and apply glue.